1. Bitter Almond 10ml
  2. Bitter Almond 10ml


    Package of 10ml contains Bitter Almont Oil.
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    The essential oil of bitter Almont comes from the small fruit of Almont tree scientifically known as amygdalus communis var. amara, of the rosacea family, and contains three basic components, namely, benzaldehyde, glycoside amygdalin and hydrogen cyanide (also known as hydrocyanic acid or prussic acid) while the other fifty percent contains mono-unsaturated fatty acids and other components similar to those in sweet almonds.

    The health benefits of bitter almond essential oil can be attributed to its properties as a sedative, insomnia, and antispasmodic. It is used for the bad smell of feet and armpit. Also the essential oil of bitter Almont is germicide, febrifuge, diuretic, germicidal, fungicidal, anesthetic, aperient, anti-intoxicating, and anti-carcinogenic. The emulsion of bitter Almont helps with respiratory problems, and dysmenorrheal. Last use bitter Almont oil in drinks (0, 10%), desserts (0, 30%), and cosmetics (1%).

    Bitter Almont Oil blends well with Lavender, Wort, Chamomile, Peppermint, Pine, Ginger, Lemon, Orange and Oregano.

    Origin: County of Imathia Greece, Veria

    Production: Summer of 2018

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