1. Mandarin 10ml
  2. Mandarin 10ml


    Package of 10ml contains Mandarin Oil.
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    Mandarin Oil comes from a plant that bears the scientific name of Citrus Nobilis, and the essential oil is extracted by cold compression of the fresh peels of these fruits. His aroma is intense, sweet, and refreshing.

    It protects wounds from becoming septic as well as from other bacterial, fungal or viral infections. The oil of mandarin oranges also improves the circulation of blood and lymph, particularly below the skin, which keeps the skin rejuvenated and looking young and vibrant. It purifies the blood by helping remove toxic and unwanted substances from the body by means of excretion, including urine, fecal matter and sweat. A few drops of this oil after lunch or dinner facilitates digestion by stimulating the discharge of digestive juices and bile into the stomach. Although the oil is a common sedative, its sedating action is more prominent in relaxing and calming nervous afflictions and disturbances. It can calm attacks of epilepsy, hysteria and convulsions. Being a tonic, it helps in the growth and proper functioning of the body by toning up all the organic systems functioning in it, including the respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, circulatory, neurotic, excretory, nervous, and endocrine systems. The essential oil of mandarin oranges is a reputed sedative for inflammation and nervous disturbances. Last use Mandarin oil in drinks (0, 10%), desserts (0, 30%), and cosmetics (1%).

    Mandarin Oil blends well with Strawberry, Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, Cloves and Cinnamon.

    Origin: County of Aitoloakarnania

    Production: Summer of 2018

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