1. Althea
  2. Althea


    Packing of 60 grams contains the roots of the plant.
    (The price includes VAT)

    ● Laryngitis
    ● Pharyngitis
    ● Cough
    ● Inflammation of the gums
    ● Inflammation of the Intestines
    ● Digestive ulcer
    ● Perfect for Colitis
    ● Limbic Herpes
    ● Inflamed membranes in the mouth
    ● Indigestion
    ● Gastritis
    ● Kidney stones
    ● Bronchitis
    ● Cold

    Source: Greece. Imathia (collected from the Pieria Mountains, at low altitude)

    Vintage: Summer 2018

    Throw 1 tablespoon of grated althea (or a pinch of it) in a bowl, and then add 1 glass of water. Boil the ingredients for 5-10 minutes, and after a while drain and drink.

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