1. Balsamic 100ml
  2. Balsamic 100ml


    Packing of 100ml contains Balsam oil.
    (The price includes VAT)

    Balsam oil that you’ll find in our store is 100% natural, practical and very economic.

    Balsam oil, just like all of our base oil products, was processed with extra virgin olive oil which is produced by our herbs. Also by using herbs in green form (our products) has the best effect than that by using dried ones.

    Balsam oil was known since the ancient times, Spartan soldiers were using it to heal their wounds. Contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D, proteins and minerals. After producing Saint John's wort, we expose it in a sunlight environment to rest and naturally mature and give us the lively red color.

    Balsam oil is effective with sciatica and rheumatic pain. Relief’s and cures wounds, bruises, sprains, burns, varices, inflammations, itchy skin causes, bug stings, dermatoses, hemorrhoids, rheumatism and arthritis. Also helps with cramps, neuralgia and headaches. The active ingredients in Balsam oil have been connected with the elimination of germs and bacteria, cleansing areas that may be susceptible to invasion or infection. By topically applying this to the skin, it can form a protective layer for your body’s largest organ. By drinking one tablespoon of balsam oil every night before you sleep it can help with stomach ulcer and constipation.

    Use Balsam oil as it is or by combining it with other essential oils. Last it is important to understand that base oils are significant in aromatherapy in order to become “carrier” to the essential oils that you later combine them with.

    Origin: County of Imathia Greece, Veria (the herb is collected from Pieria Mountains)

    Production: Summer of 2018
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