1. Saffron Kozani ΒΙΟ
  2. Saffron Kozani ΒΙΟ


    Packing of 0,5 grams contains Kozani saffron stamens.
    (The price includes VAT)

    ● Super Emmenagogues
    ● For the stomach
    ● Antiepileptic
    ● Cancer
    ● Against hypertension
    ● Stimulus
    ● Kidney pains
    ● Cholesterol
    ● Helps with digest
    ● Limits gastralgia, hysteria, spasms, whooping cough, and nervous colic
    ● Aphrodisiac
    ● External usage for pimples, inflammation, and chest diseases
    ● Asthma
    ● Erectile dysfunction
    ● Male infertility
    ● Psoriasis
    ● Insomnia
    ● Atherosclerosis

    Furthermore Saffron can be used in pharmacy, confectionery, cookery, for cheese production, distillery, and even in painting. Byzantine painters were using it a lot.

    Source: Greece. Kozani

    Vintage: Summer 2018

    Boil 1 glass of water and place it in a bowl, add 3 or 4 stamens of Saffron, let it rest for 5-10 minutes then drain and drink.

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