1. Milk Thistle


    Packing 60 grams contains terrestrial plant parts.
    (The price includes VAT)

    ● Protects the liver from toxins
    ● Refreshes the liver cells
    ● Kidney stones and bile
    ● Sets the central nervous system
    ● Epilepsy
    ● Insomnia
    ● Increases blood pressure
    ● Cough and bronchial asthma
    ● Hemorrhoids (washes)
    ● Antidepressant

    Source: Greece. Imathia (collected from the Pieria Mountains)

    Vintage: Summer 2018

    1 tablespoon of ground thistle (or a pinch of it) is thrown into a pot and add a 1 cup water, the contents boiled for 5 to 10 minutes and after a while the liquid is drained and drunk.

    For washes, the above tea prepared in more concentrated dosage 50-60 g. in one liter of water.
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